Technology Challenged

Greetings to my friends who have been reading my newly launched blog. I have not written for several days after being on a roll and I have missed writing. We went to St. Louis to visit my mother on Sunday and I was unable to get internet access in her home. When I got home Wednesday I had several things on my mind to write about, however when I sat down to write I noticed one little thing I wanted to tweak on the blog. That was a mistake. Now I am not stupid but I am ignorant regarding all things technology driven. I know how to look things up on the computer and write and send e-mails and articles to editors but after that I am clueless. Now not having children I don’t have the default plan that many adults have, which is to go to your children or your kindergarten aged grandchildren and ask them to show me how to operate theses things and living in the middle of nowhere I cannot find anyone who knows anymore than me. Believe it or not I am actually the computer genius around these parts, but in all fairness my neighbors are Amish. To tell you the truth I am not really even sure how I have made it this far with the blog. I found a free website that was going to tell me how to set up a blog page and start blogging in 20 minutes and I cannot even begin to tell you how far from the truth that was! So I called the Word Press telephone number and was given a price which in exchange for they would build a site for me……to put it mildly not in the budget. Then they shot me another price in which they could teach me to fish for life and for a three month commitment, (one month free, two paid for), I would be fluent in all things blog by the end of the three months. Again not even close to the truth, starting with the fact that the phone calls are limited to 30 minutes and that includes them looking up your information and the calls never lasted near that long.

So thru all that whining what I am trying to tell you is I know how to write and how to blog, but I don’t have a clue how to make the blog work and look professional. So I kindly ask for your patience as I try to navigate this process and endeavor to get help and bring you the quality blog site I wish to bring. I am one of those who cannot concentrate on much if the house is not clean and in order and it seems that I cannot concentrate much on writing when I am not happy with how the blog looks. Oh, I will continue to write but I cannot promise that it will be pretty!

Until we meet here again, I pray God bless you and keep your loved ones safe.