Letting Go Of Politics

I have never been a political person. I have always voted and done my due diligence researching the candidate to which I supported but beyond that I did not get overly involved. I respected whomever was elected and even if it was not the candidate I voted for, I always had respect for the fact that the President was chosen by the citizens of the United States and for the President. However all that changed with the 2016 Presidential election. Having watched the country fall apart during the eight year reign of Obama and terrified that Clinton would be elected, I felt there was too much at stake to not get involved. Having heard all the dismal predictions from the news media that there was zero possibility of Trump winning, I was disheartened when I went to bed on election night. As soon as I got up the next morning, I looked at AOL before turning on the news, preferring to read the results as opposed to hearing them, and to my great joy Trump had won the election. In our home that day there was a renewed hope that healing would come to our country and we needed only to wait a few weeks.

Sadly that was not to be the case. The democrats and the extension of their party, the extreme Leftist, began posturing immediately to overturn the choice and voice of the people. A full out assault was launched not only on the President elect, but the citizens of this country. It was and continues to be nothing short of bullying by a bunch of spoiled politicians and entertainers who are over paid and have been packed around on satin pillows by the hard-working tax payers who have supported their privileged lifestyles. They care nothing about the welfare of the people who elected them and support them, we have become merely a messy means to an end and that end is supporting them. This group of people have fought the President each and every step of the way on everything, even to the point of leaving the citizens of this country, including their own families, in grave danger of terrorist attacks. I have never participated in any type of social media, but I did open a Twitter account for the sole purpose of showing my support for the President and that I supported the movement wanting change in the country.

In the beginning I was thrilled to see how many of us were out there because again, the opposition would have you believe that there was none, but as time has gone on the democrats have shown that they are like dogs with a bone and will not let go until they have seen the total fall and destruction of this country.

For me, yesterday was the final straw when as many of them who could possibly get on the news declared what a great day it was for the country, thrusting millions of Americans into an even deeper pit of despair and hopelessness taking away the ability to have medical care. Contrary to popular belief, the overwhelming majority of those affected are hard-working, tax paying citizens who lost health care because of the Affordable Care Act which is anything but affordable. Listening to the comments of both sides, it has become abundantly clear that this gang war has nothing to do with the countries best interest but rather who will win. I find that personally heart breaking as this was not the America I was raised in and taught to love.

So, I sit here now writing to say that I am done with the political garbage. Truth be told, both sides can fight and offer up sacrifices all they want but it will be to no avail. God is the one in charge and it will be His plan that will triumph. And that is exactly where I am returning my attention, back to God and I plan to use this platform for that very purpose. To rejoice in the sweet things of life and to look for God’s fingerprint in everything and quit looking at the ugliness of the world. May God bless the United States of America.

Until we meet here again, I pray God bless you and keep your loved ones safe.