The Award

My first venture into the world of writing happened quite by accident. One day I was reading an article in a horse magazine which incited me to write a letter to the editor. So I got a tablet of paper and a pen, (yes that was the old days when folks still wrote by hand), and I proceeded to write down an experience I had when I was managing a horse stable. That letter turned into an article which was printed and the official launch of my writing career. My favorite article of all time was called A Chance Meeting which I wrote in May 2008. Briefly it was the story of an abused barrel horse that I was given and a little girl with a horrible disease that he gave a ride to. This blog is named after that article.

Last February one of my neighbors had asked me for a copy of one of the articles I had written. I only made a habit of keeping copies of my favorite articles and did not have a copy of this particular one. I remembered which magazine it had been in, however for the life of me I couldn’t remember the month or the year. So one evening I got out my trusty lap top and started searching for equine articles written by me. I was sitting at the kitchen table and Jackie was sitting in one of the rockers eating ice cream. All of a sudden, I see an entry for the 2009 American Horse Publications Awards, and it said Tracy Spurlock, (my maiden name), won…….I do not suppose it is necessary for me to tell you that I couldn’t get my finger to click the enter button fast enough. Once the page loaded, up pops this big article about how I had won the Merial Human-Animal Bond Award for 2009 for A Chance Meeting! I immediately started yelling and carrying on which startled poor Jackie nearly causing him to drop his ice cream on the floor. He just looked at me and proceeded to calmly ask, “What is wrong with you?”. After explaining we decided that I should take down the contact information and call and see if there was a certificate that I should have gotten for winning.

You better believe that bright and early the next morning I was on the phone to the American Horse Publications office. I explained my plight to the woman who answered the phone and I was transferred to the president’s office. After we exchanged pleasantries she asked me if I had any idea what I had won. I told her I didn’t have a clue and would not have except for my google search the night before. She went on to explain how it was a pretty big deal. There is an annual banquet and that year it was in New Orleans and I should have received tickets and transportation and lodging to attend. Then she went on to tell me that there was a beautiful trophy that went with the award with my name on. Since it had never been claimed they sent it to the Horse and Rider’s corporate offices. She took all my information and said that she would see to it that the trophy was sent to me.

Many people have asked me if it made me mad that all this time I never knew about winning and I can honestly tell you it never did. Truth is I really lost my heart for writing once horses were gone from my life, however I had felt for sometime it was something God was wanting me to start doing again. I struggled trying to come up with something to write about, but I would just look at the blank page or doodle for a while then quit. Then I thought perhaps I am not supposed to write again. So I prayed and asked God to let me know if I was following the right path. And do you know what? The very next night he answered and the proof is proudly displayed on the hutch in my kitchen. God gives us what we need when we need it.

Until we meet here again, I pray God bless you and keep your loved ones safe.