A Joy Filled Life

When I turned on the computer today, there was a big headline that declared President Trump has a joyless presidency! Gee, how shocking-I would have never thought such a thing. I mean with nearly every news outlet, democrat, liberal and leftist making sport of everything the man does, even attacking his family, how could his presidency be anything but joyless?

Rather than heading down the rather obvious direction this statement takes, let me offer something different for you to ponder for a moment. We have become a country full of joyless people opting to hate rather than love and be self-absorbed rather than selfless. Rather than focus on how greatly we are blessed we complain about what we do not have and yet think we deserve. Personally it saddens my heart to look around and see how caught up we as a nation have gotten in all that is ugly and unkind, ignoring what is good and offers us hope.

The truth is the overwhelming majority of us have much to be joyful about irrespective of our current circumstances, we just by choice stopped looking for the sweetness of life. It has become so much more exciting to engage in drama which comes in all shapes and sizes and we disregard the fact that much of what we say and do negatively affects others.

Now I am no different from anyone else. I have moments when life overwhelms me and I lose sight of what is important, that is part of the human condition. However when I feel my focus shifting to the negative of life, I stop what I am doing and sit still and quietly and turn my thoughts to God. I start to think on all the many things I have been blessed with……I woke up this morning to the birds chirping in a warm bed beside the man who I love and our three little dogs and after being the recipient of many kisses from the puppy, I was able to get out of bed by myself. I walked in the kitchen and through the window I could see the sun coming up. I had clean water to fix coffee and juice, fed the cats and took the dogs out for their morning walk. I had plenty of food to choose from for breakfast, took a shower and had clean clothes to put on….you get where I am going here.

Until we meet here again, I pray God bless you and keep your loved ones safe.