Taking A Leap Of Faith

Welcome to the official launch of the new and much improved No Chance Meeting website! And just wait, phase 2 is getting the finishing touches and will be ready in the next couple of days. I want to thank you all for your patience during this process. This has been quite a learning process for me and thru it all I have demonstrated that being in uncharted territory definitely does not bring out the best in me. Much to my dismay I have found that many of the negative experiences in which I have gone thru in this life have made me a great deal more suspicious and less trusting of people than what I had thought I was. What has been even more difficult however, is the leap of faith this endeavor has required not only of me, but of Jackie as well.

When I first broached the subject of the blog with Jackie, I knew with all my heart it was the direction God was leading my life. What I didn't know was where it would go or what the ultimate outcome would be. Was my writing meant to reach just one person who felt isolated and alone on the road they were walking and felt as if there was no way out. Was it meant to reach many who needed to find comfort in knowing that you can walk into a dark tunnel and emerge out the other side standing in the warmth and beauty of the sunshine. So following the voice within me and not knowing a thing about the technical side of blogging, I published my first blog on February 27, 2017. That in and of itself is proof of a miracle!

Much to my delight the blog began to build up a following and soon it became apparent that the site needed the assistance of a professional web designer. Once again, my sweet and supportive husband was on board, believing in the mission but wanted to know where we would find someone who could carry out the task. Now here in the middle of Amish country in Western Kentucky all things technical are few and far between and difficult as it may be to believe I am actually considered to be the computer Einstein so I had no answer. After what seemed like forever we were referred to a out of state design firm who agreed to take on the project. This is where the leap of faith comes in; funding the project on our limited resources. There is a tremendous amount of skill, knowledge, talent and experience required to build a web site and it takes time to do it and the designers obviously have to be compensated for their work. However to Jackie and I the prospect of parting with a substantial amount of money was scary to say the least, but we both just knew that in order for the blog to fulfill whatever it's intended destiny it was something we had to do.

Which brings us to where we are now, the first published blog on the new site. This entire process was a journey, and I am quite certain if you ask the design team that worked with me not always an easy or enjoyable one. But truth be told our entire lives are but a journey and if we approach it correctly is never entirely good or bad but rather what we choose to see in it and make it. So it is my sincerest desire that you my dear reader find only good contained within the pages of this blog for that is the very reason the design team from Road Design Company and I traversed this trail together.

Until we meet here again, I pray God bless you and keep your loved ones safe.