Wake Up America!

I was heart broke last night as Jackie and I watched as news broke of the horrible, tragic bombing last night in Manchester, England. Adding to the horror was the video they played in which you could hear the bomb as it exploded and the screaming of innocent people. Strange, we hear bombs and explosions on television and in the movies all the time, but somehow this sounded different. You could tell just listening that this explosion was real and it was almost as if you could feel the vibration in your body thru the television. Worst of all of was the intentional, sick and premeditated targeting of young, innocent children the majority of which were girls their only crime being just going about the business of being young and innocent. However the most pathetic and shameful of all of last night's tragic events was the lack of outrage and anger expressed in this country by many who actually refer to themselves as human beings.

What I would like to know is what happened to America? When did it happen and where did we go? Until just recently we were the home of the free and the brave and we all had red, white and blue running thru our veins and loved our country. We had an abundance of men and women who were willing and eager to defend our shores and all the people contained therein and if need be deploy to countries overseas to defend our allies and the interest of America. We believed in and loved God, the Bible and went to church. We loved our families, our communities, our neighbors. We worked hard, played hard and did the right thing. But never did we make jokes about terrorist attacks nor view them as an opportunity to promote a political agenda against a sitting President and his party. I personally cannot fathom how the democratic party and the liberals in the United States cannot see the impending danger we in America are facing because we refuse to vet people wanting to gain entrance into our country. How dare these career politicians who have gotten very fat and wealthy off the American tax paying citizens risk the safety of our country for little more than political correctness and their own career advancement.

I personally am offended every time I hear of Muslim indoctrination and acceptance in our schools and Christianity being banned. I am personally offended when I hear that the vetting laws and practices our President has attempted to put into place for our safety has been blocked by some imbecilic, low level judge tied to the previous administration and looking to climb the career ladder. I am personally offended that the main stream media has been bought and paid for and refuses to fairly and accurately report the facts. And I am personally offended that because of the gang like mentality and behavior of Hillary Clinton's resistance great attempts are being made to silence the American majority who spoke loud and clear on November 8, 2016.

Since his inauguration in January President Trump has made me stand tall again as an American and I have felt a sense of pride about my country that I had long forgotten because there was no one leading our nation. These last few days the nation has watched as President Trump has accomplished great things which have never before been accomplished. He has been welcomed, greeted and thanked by the Middle Eastern countries that embrace and appreciate the things which he is endeavoring to accomplish. They acknowledge that action must be taken before it is to late and the war on terrorism is irrovocalby lost. I personally believe that God walks with President Trump and try as they might to derail him, his opponents do not stand a chance!

Until we meet here again, I pray God bless you and keep your loved ones safe.


It is so easy to be jaded in this world in which we find ourselves living and I have no idea how I would cope with the atrocities happening all around us daily if I were not a born again Christian.