Happy Birthday Mom! XOXOXO

Today is my mother's birthday and for the sake of harmony in our relationship I will refrain from revealing how old she is! For my mom her birthday is a bittersweet day and it has been for the last fifteen years. It is both a day of celebration for the life God has given her as well as a marking the anniversary of the loss of the great and only love of her life.

My parents were babies when they married, my mom was eighteen and dad was twenty-one. Mom's birthday is May 26 and they married on May 27 and it wasn't long until they started having babies of their own. My dad told me that they loved each other from the start and as strange as it sounds I remember being aware of this even as a very young child. While dad worked hard, long hours he made life fun for us often. He did silly things that as children we didn't know he did, but as we grew older and put the pieces together we knew to whom credit was due. One of our favorites memories was the Halloween night mom took us girls out to trick-or-treat and when we came home the Great Pumpkin had left us a fancy hooded hair dryer. He adored mom and nothing gave him greater joy than to buy her gifts, flowers, (which he called posies), and to slow dance with her.

Then all to soon dad got sick. The last words he spoke and the last thing he did was say to mom, "dance". And his frail little hand took the hand of the women he had loved with his whole heart for 42 years and danced one last time with her. He passed the next day on mom's birthday, just one day short of their forty-second wedding anniversary. My mom, sisters and I all still believe to this day it was his last gift to her, not having to watch him suffer and feel such great pain any longer.

My parents were truly were a great love story. Of course they like everyone else had many trials and tribulations interspersed amongst great happiness and joy. But they endured together the trails and the joy and always came out stronger. We all still miss dad, but no one more than mom. There is a song that Brad Paisley sings that I love. It is called Waiting On A Woman. If you have never seen the video I urge you to do yourself a favor and google it and watch. It is the story of a man and the love of his life who he always seemed to be waiting on. At the end of the story he passes away, goes to heaven and as he sits down on a bench he says he hopes she takes her time because he doesn't mind waiting on a woman. Mom, I know dad is sitting on a bench in heaven, rose in hand waiting on you.

I love you,

Until we meet here again, I pray God bless you and keep your loved ones safe.