We All Have A Story To Tell-Darlene Koch

I have never met Darlene Koch in person, for that matter I have never spoken to her on the telephone. We became acquainted with one another thru my mother who has worked with Darlene for many years. A few years ago my mother called me one afternoon crying. She told me that Darlene had just told her she had been diagnosed with breast cancer. That was when our hearts became connected. Darlene's story is one of courage, faith, strength and victory and she has been a tremendous inspiration in my life. A month ago I asked her if she would consider letting me tell her story on this blog as I felt other women could be helped immensely in their own journey with this most cruel of diseases. True to her generous nature and big heart immediately she said yes and over the next few days she proceeded to write me her story. This is the first sentence she wrote to me, "It would be an honor to share my story with you in hopes it would help someone know that getting breast cancer is not the end of the world".

Normally when I write this blog I just write about whatever God has laid on my heart and the words pretty much just come out, but this was different. I have struggled and prayed to find the words to give justice to Darlene's story but to no avail. The answer finally came when I quieted my mind and listened. Let Darlene tell her own story because no one can tell it as well as the woman who lived it. So that is exactly what I am going to do. I will step out of the role as blogger and into the role of editor. The words you will be reading over the next several days are Darlene's which I have taken from the notes she wrote me. I have no doubt that you will be as touched and inspired by her as I have been.

Until we meet here again, I pray God bless you and keep your loved ones safe.