Gifts Of The Sweetest Kind

We hadn't been home from church long when I heard the driveway alarm go off. I looked out the kitchen door and I saw an unfamiliar small truck headed toward the house. I slipped on my shoes and fought my way thru the barricade of Shitzus standing between me and the door. As soon as I stepped out the door I could see it was our neighbor Caleb smiling at me and making his way to the porch holding a big bowl of blueberries.

Caleb is a sweet young man who lives down the road in a little farm with his grandma Kay who raised him. I lived here for quite some time before becoming acquainted with them and it wasn't until we put out an eggs for sale sign that we met. For a young man, Caleb possesses an old-fashioned, sweet spirit resembling more closely a man born in the 1950's as opposed to one born in the later part of the twentieth century. Caleb's grandma raised him to love God, have respect for his elders, to work hard and to always be kind. He blushes when I tell him that I wish Jackie and I had a son just like him.

Caleb loves to garden and grow things however he lacks any desire to eat the fruit of his labors. On their farm they have both cherry trees and blueberry bushes however they eat neither. Now Jackie loves cherries and I love blueberries and Caleb knows this. So last year he started picking them and surprising us with them. This sweet young man who works typically six days a week and has the responsibility of maintaining their farm on his own takes the time to tediously stand in the heat and pick cherries and berries for us. He refuses to let me pay him for them and thinks it payment enough just to see how it pleases us.

People think the more expensive the gift the more highly esteemed the recipient is in the eyes of the giver. I couldn't disagree more. Expensive, store bought gifts can be purchased by anyone who can write a check to cover the cost and typically they require little to no thought. Whereas gifts requiring no exchange of currency are of far greater value and are in fact priceless because they are purchased with something money cannot buy. The time, kindness and heart of the giver. What a better place this world in which we live would be if we were all more like Caleb.

Since I have all of these delicious blueberries I have made a batch of our favorite blueberry muffins. Be sure to check out my recipe which I have added to the Baked Goods category in the Recipe page.

Until we meet here again, I pray God bless you and keep your loved ones safe.