Talking Turkey

I don't come from a family of hunters. The men in my family didn't feel the need to get up out of a warm comfortable bed hours before the break of dawn and head to the woods to hunt for food. It was much more convenient for the women of the family to pick up necessary provisions from the local grocery stores. Jackie on the other hand has been an avid hunter since he was a very young man so to say that when we married I had a learning curve would be an understatement. While I had of course seen deer and turkey in the wild from a distance, I had never actually seen either up close and personal. That all changed the first time I visited Jackie's house. What he lacked in decorating style he made up for in hunting trophies.

If Jackie had not previously told me he loved to hunt, all doubt would have been eliminated the moment I first stepped into his house. There were deer heads and turkey feathers and beards mounted EVERYWHERE! Just in the living room alone there are five mounted deer heads. Proceeding to the kitchen/dining room area were six turkey fans with beards to match each and two deer mounts and a turkey fan in the bedroom. Now before you begin to think perhaps that is not so bad for an entire house I feel I would be remiss if I failed to mention that while perfect for us, by most people's standards we live in a small, modest size house with only one bedroom and one bathroom.

Now I have never been particularly fond of all the deer heads hanging in our home but on the other hand have never strongly objected to them either. They were here long before I was and while not something I would seek out to display in my home I knew I would find someway to blend his liking in with mine and make it work. Over time and with the help of sheer exhaustion, I have found a way to sleep with all those deer eyes looking at me. With that said, there is one mount I failed to yet mention and it is the mack daddy to which I have raised objection on more than one occasion to his position in our home due to the fact I find it disturbing and yes ugly. The fanned out, full size wild turkey mount. Yes, that is what I said I a whole, real, (or at least it was when it was alive), full size wild turkey mounted in the corner of the living room looking right down over the sofa.

Now I am not an unreasonable woman and while we have rotated an item here and there to the walls of his workshop, I feel I have been overall very respectful of his personal items as he has been of mine. But I have tried in earnest to get used to the turkey but I just can't do it. I have broached the subject of "relocating" the turkey a time or two, however it is obvious the fondness he feels for Old Tom has not waned over the years and the mere mention of the subject immediately puts him on the defensive. I have even tried to make him think that moving it to the workshop is his idea, something I rarely ever do, but he wouldn't budge.

So as I write, Tom is still standing on his perch keeping watch over the living room and giving all who enter and wish to relax the evil eye. For the sake of keeping peace and harmony my marriage I have decided that I will never say another word about Tom, even if that means biting my tongue , hard. In the big picture of life that silly and creepy turkey is not what is important to me. What is important is the many ways God has blessed me daily with the sweet, generous man I call my better half.

Until we meet here again, I pray God bless you and keep your loved ones safe.