Subscription Issues

Good Afternoon! There will be a new blog following for today, but in the meantime I wanted to update you on a technical issue I am experiencing to which there seems to be no solution. I have been notified by several of you who are subscribers that there are a couple of issues being experienced with the delivery of new blogs. Either they are not coming at all or they are being delivered however when you click the read more button you are not taken to the full blog text.

I have contacted the company who designed my new website and they tell me that everything on their end checks out as operating correctly. The only piece of advice they could offer me was to have any of you experiencing an issue check your spam to see if perhaps it is being sent there. Once you open the blog there it will be sent to your regular inbox in the future. However I have checked with some of you having issues and I seriously doubt this will solve the issues.

I realize that things were working correctly for a bit and I do apologize for the inconvenience. It was my hope that not only would the new website offer more information and things for you to look at but would also be more functional. Turns out that was not to be the case. I know it is prettier to look at but I know it is more difficult for many of you to use. I can't make any promises that I can find anyway to resolve these issues and for now the best I can do is thank you all for going directly to the website itself to find new blogs.