A Little Piece Of Heaven

I have loved this little farm that I call home since the moment I first laid eyes on it. At the time I never dreamed Jackie would become my husband or the farm the home I would share with him. God had plans for us both that far and above exceeded any life I could or would let myself imagine was possible for someone like me.

Before I moved in with Jackie, I had lived alone in my own house for quite a while with Pop being the only one I shared my home or my heart with. I had grown very comfortable being alone and on my own. I had given up any and all crazy notions of true love being in God's plans for me and I pretty much just gave up on life holding anything extraordinary for me. And then Jackie walked into the auto parts store I worked at.

Jackie had bought an old Jeep to fix up and as old vehicles often do, it turned out to be more of a money pit than he bargained for. The parts store was on his way to work so he would stop one day and order the parts and then return a day or two later to pick them up. He was always terribly polite and soft spoken and after a brief greeting said only enough to conduct his business. I remember thinking whenever he left that he looked as sad on the outside as I felt on the inside.

Then one day he came in to pick up some parts after I had nearly cut my thumb off with a band saw cutting up a tree that had fallen during a winter ice storm. I was very dramatically bandaged and my hand was impossible to miss with five rolls of gauze wrapped around it. Jackie not being one to miss a trick, noticed immediately and asked what I did. Shocked that he actually had spoken, I provided him with the Reader's Digest condensed version of the story. Without missing a beat he asked why I was doing it and not my husband to which I told him I didn't have one. Again without missing a beat he verified the information and upon receiving confirmation he had in fact heard me correctly he then asked when we were going out. The rest they say is history.

From the moment Jackie and I decided to get married he started calling the farm and the house ours. In fact I am not so sure he didn't think of it as ours from the start. I however did not make the transition from his to ours quite as easily. While he was very generous, accommodating and shared everything with me from the beginning for a long time I thought of the farm as his and felt almost as an outsider. Over the years we have made many changes to the house as well as the farm and I stopped thinking of it as Jackie's house a long time ago. One thing I always felt was lacking was a name for the farm. Over the years we have tossed names around but nothing ever stuck. Then one day a month or so ago Jackie told me he had the perfect name for the farm. No Chance Meeting!

Often I go outside and just look at how beautiful it is here. It think about how much love fills this little farm I can't believe how God has blessed me. And from here on out anyone who drives thru the gates of our farm will know that it was not by chance that Jackie and I were brought together.

Until we meet here again, I pray God bless you and keep your loved ones safe.