Update On Website/Subscription Problems

The other day I published a blog in which I addressed some of the issues we are all experiences with the use of my new website which is hosted thru Wix. As I advised you in the blog published Wednesday, June 14, 2017 my web designer has told me that on his end all is operating correctly. We all know that while that may be what his diagnostics tell him, we know differently. So after hearing from a few more of you and having experienced a few more issues myself, I have taken to the internet to do some research of my own.

Evidentially the issues I am having are not as I suspected limited to my site only. I have looked at a lot of pages where other people are having the exact same issues as my site. First, it is not unusual for the server to be down or for websites to not be available, or you cannot pull them up. Evidentially Wix does not like google and it is suggested that you try another search engine. I myself do not use google and I have still had the issue however it would be worth a try if your having difficulties. I find this very interesting because when I first began having issues it was explained to me that my aol mailbox was most likely the culprit and I was urged to get a new mailbox thru Wix. Also I was told that perhaps anyone with a AOL or Yahoo mailbox would be more inclined to have issues when signing up for a subscription. Now here is the funny part. When you get a mailbox thru Wix, guess who the mailbox is thru? That's right, google. Additionally Wix sites have problems being found on search engines.

I will not even go on because I am so upset over this whole mess. I cannot apologize enough to those of you who have stuck with me during this mess. Unfortunately there does not seem to be anything I can do to rectify these problems. I can only assure you that when you get any messages regarding my site, please keep trying until you get me. I can assure you I have every intention to continue with this blog despite my poor business decision. I will keep you updated regarding changes as needed.

Thank you for your patience,