Peach Cobbler!

Good afternoon to all my friends! As usual it has been a busy day here at the farm and it seems as though we blink and the day is gone. One of the things I did today was bake a peach crunch for our dessert tonight.

We actually prefer the crunch, (some folks call it streusel), topping as opposed to a traditional cobbler crust however I have never found what in my mind was the perfect recipe. I remember when I was a little girl we had a German neighborhood bakery that made the most heavenly desserts you ever put in your mouth. Many of their desserts featured a crumb topping the likes of which I have never tasted and in my mind it was perfect. It was crunchy, slightly sweet and dripping with buttery goodness.

Today my friends, I offer you this, the culmination of my quest to find the perfect crumb topping which I am thrilled to say is now over. The uses for this recipe are endless and it will bring decadence to anything you choose to pair these crumbs with. You can freeze the crumbs uncooked so you can have them on hand at a moments notice. Some of my favorite uses are to top muffins and any sort of fruit filling or pie. They are even delicious by themselves or on top of yogurt. The recipe can be found on the Recipe page under the category Baked Goods. If you love this easy recipe as much as I do, I would to hear what uses you find for these tasty tidbits of goodness! Hey, I am getting hungry!

Until we meet here again, I pray God bless you and keep your loved ones safe.