Seeking The Other Half

Loneliness is one of the saddest things I can think of and it breaks my heart to see someone sitting alone in a public place who obviously is not alone by choice. As I have told you in previous posts, I am new to all things social media and only began participating so people would find my blog. After using both Twitter and Facebook for a couple of months, I admit to understanding why people find the concept appealing. It offers the ability to keep in touch with people that normally you would not have any communication with whatsoever with a minimal investment of time or emotion. People from your long ago past, distant relatives and even complete strangers. I have many thoughts on this whole topic but if I had to summarize my opinions in two words, laziness and loneliness are what come to mind.

I began using Twitter first and with the exception of needing to block a couple of people who got ugly when I voiced opinions contrary to their own, I have had no issues with it. I was not prepared however for some of the issues Facebook presented more specifically the number of lonely men looking for a lonely woman. It started almost immediately. The day I signed up for Facebook I started getting messages from single, divorced and widowed men wanting to start a conversation. At first I thought I must be misinterpreting the intentions of these men because on my profile I not only said I was married but had a profile picture which included Jackie. Additionally I said in my very brief bio that I loved God, was a wife and a daughter.

It did not take long for me to realize I was not wrong in my assessment of the situation. What I could not figure out is how these men were finding me and why they would think I was interested in whatever it was they were looking for. After I had thought on the matter for a bit it dawned on me. These men are just lonely and I represent that which they desire to find; a woman who is faithful to God and her husband who is not afraid to admit or show it. The truth of the matter is the world in which we live in has become so cold and cruel people will seek warmth, companionship and perhaps even love wherever they feel safe to look. Difficultly in finding a mate the old-fashioned, conventional way has all but become obsolete and many who want desperately to find the other piece of their heart have turned to alternative methods trying to find them. Just turn on the television and you will find commercials advertising a dating site for anyone out there. Social media is a safe way to emulate meeting someone in a way which retains some of the notion of traditional romance while also taking into account the realities of the world in which we live.

I thank God every day for Jackie and the life we live and I am convinced what he and I share could not be found on any dating site. However with that said my heart is full of compassion for those lonely souls out there who are seeking their other half. God did not create us to be alone and to find oneself in such a state Is anything but natural. While many may deny it we all want more than anything the warmth and love that comes only from belonging to that special person. The one that completes us and makes us whole. The one who thinks we hung the moon and all the stars. The one with whom we will grow old. The one God created for us to hold the other half of our heart.

Until we meet here again, I pray God bless you and keep your loved ones safe.