My Dad The Chef

My mom continued to work after my dad retired from his job and being the good husband he was, he began to assume most of the week night cooking duties. Mother was more than happy to pass off the cooking baton to dad as she never liked to cook and she was never particularly good at it. Dad loved to cook for mother because she has always been such an enthusiastic eater and not a bit picky.

Cooking was new to dad when he started. Oh he did the usual dad thing on the barbecue and made a mean grilled chicken basted with his own special sauce, but outside of that I don't recall him ever cracking open a cook book in my life. So the first time he called me on the phone and invited me to come have supper with him and mother, I was somewhat leery when he told me he was cooking. Sensing my hesitation in accepting his invitation, he assured it would be all right and he promised it would be delicious. So I accepted but just to be on the safe side, I had a snack on the drive over to my parents house.

The minute I walked into their house, I was greeted by the most wonderful smell and to be honest I was pleasantly surprised. Dad was so cute, he had on his apron and was stirring his pot when I walked into the kitchen. I told him how wonderful it smelled and that pleased him greatly. He went on to tell me that it had become mother's favorite meal he cooked for her. The chicken dish was served over spaghetti and he always made extra because mother loved it so much. We chatted while we waited to hear the garage door open signaling mother's return and dad would put the finishing touches the meal he had fixed just for her.

There would be many such meals that I would share with my parents and I count those times spent alone with my dad just he and I talking, to be some of my most cherished memories of him. And although it has been fourteen years since he passed away, I can still remember the sweetness of those moments. So today in the Main Dish section of the Recipe page, I am sharing dad's recipe for the dish he served that day; Southwestern Chicken. Be sure to check it out.

Until we meet here again, I pray God bless you and keep your loved ones safe.