Update On Our Interrupted Trip To St. Louis

Last week I wrote and told you about our trip to St. Louis being interrupted due to air conditioner failure and the simultaneous appearing of our check engine light. At that time I also explained Jackie and I both believed it was not in God's plans for us to make the trip. Earlier in the week I began to have thoughts about the air conditioner which caused me to have some uneasy feelings about our safely making the trip the likes of which I had never before had. By the time Jackie was in agreement with me that God wanted us to go back home and reschedule the trip, I had a very heavy almost panicky feeling come over me. This feeling began to subside when we were nearly half way over the Ohio Bridge leading us out of Illinois and back into Kentucky. Now that everyone is caught up to speed, fast forward to this morning.

Despite his best efforts Jackie was unable to locate the source of our truck problems on his own and made an appointment with a trusted mechanic to look and see if he could find the problem. He wasn't able to look at the truck until yesterday morning and after giving the truck a preliminary once over, he had Jackie leave the truck for a more thorough inspection.

This morning we still knew nothing of our truck's fate so Jackie had gone outside to piddle around and I started some cleaning in the house. Jackie hadn't been outside very long when he came in and I could tell by the look on his face he had heard from the mechanic and the news wasn't good. In addition to our air conditioning problem the old girl's transmission was shot. His professional opinion was a truck this old was not worth putting that kind of money into. The news came as quite a shock as neither of us expected such a grim diagnosis. We spoke briefly about our predicament and our options. We had lived debt free for the last six years, paying off the farm and the truck before Jackie retired and quite frankly we liked it that way.

Jackie called one of our friends for a ride to go pick up the truck and while we waited we continued to discuss our predicament. I must admit the more we talked about it the more I began to feel a wave of panic start to consume the thoughts of my mind. I was listening to Jackie take his turn go over our list of options when it suddenly dawned on me how ungrateful I had been. Instead of my thoughts focusing on the financial aspects of our current truck plight, my mind should have immediately turned to God in thanks and gratitude for what He had spared us from.

The truth of the matter is that had we ignored God's warnings and pressed on towards mom's house we could have found ourselves in very dire straights. Beside the very hot temperatures we would have been traveling in with three dogs, we go through some very desolate areas in Illinois where cell phone service can be a bit sketchy and help not close. And if we did make it to St. Louis, being that far from home with bad transmission would have posed an entirely different set of problems.

There are many times in each of our lives we just know that God is warning us to not pursue something. When we have chosen to ignore His guidance and forged ahead in our own will determined that we know best, we are sorry we didn't listen when it is time to face the consequences. On the other hand when we do follow His leading and are brought safely where we are meant to be and get there the manner in which we are meant to arrive we often forget to show the gratitude which should flow from our heart. When we follow God's will for us with an obedient heart he doesn't always show us from what He has spared us. While it should be enough for us to just trust Him, sometimes I think He wants to make sure we tell the world what He has done for us.

Just a reminder, be sure to check the recipes and gallery pages of the site for things. I have been a bit remiss in adding new recipes but I am going to do better. And if any of you have any recipes you would like to share with all of us, please e-mail me your recipes and I will include them along with your name so we can all know who to thank for sharing.

Until we meet here again, I pray God bless you and keep your loved ones safe.