The Fawn

Here on our little farm, Jackie and I share everyday life with an abundance of wild animals. Some are more pleasant and easier to co-exist with than others, however it is not difficult to find something endearing and sweet about each of them. And if you watch them long enough and pay close enough attention it is nearly impossible to deny similarities between their behavior and that of ourselves. This is especially true with the bond between mothers and their young.

Sunday morning as I was getting ready for church I was about to start drying my hair when I heard my phone ring. I picked the phone up to answer and I could see it was Jackie who had gone to the barn to check on the goats and ponies. I took a deep breath as I answered the phone as a call from the barn typically meant a problem. As soon as I answered the phone I heard his voice telling me to go to the door and look at what was walking down the driveway. I put down the hair dryer and got to the kitchen door as quick as I could and looked outside. Walking down the driveway was the prettiest little fawn all by itself. I knew it was young not only by it's size but because it was covered with big white spots. I waited and watched for a moment fully expecting to see the mother following behind her baby but there was no sign of any other deer. In the meantime, the baby had walked in between the strands of fencing into the wooded portion for the neighbor's pasture next to ours. I called Jackie who was still up at the barn and asked him if he had seen any sign of the mother. He said he hadn't but he felt sure the mother was close by and would find her baby.

I watched a while longer, but finally had to pull myself away from the window as it was getting late and I had to finish getting dressed for church. As I sat in church the little fawn crossed my mind a few times and I prayed that God reunited the sweet little baby with it's mother. Jackie and I kept close watch for the fawn once we turned onto our road and my heart was comforted when we didn't see it. The fate of a fawn so young and unprotected without milk was not promising. Being fully convinced the fawn had been found by it's mother I carried on with the rest of my day without a further thought or worry about the matter.

Then about 7:00 pm I was sitting in my rocker in the kitchen which faces the door reading when something caught my attention. Just when I looked up there was the fawn walking thru the same strands of fencing it had walked thru earlier back into our yard. Jackie was reading in the living room and I ran and got him. I told him we needed to help the poor little thing or I was afraid it wouldn't make it thru the night. Jackie was shocked it was still alone and while he agreed with me he said he hadn't a clue how we would catch it since it was frightened and could run extremely fast.

As soon as we opened the door to go outside the fawn took off down the driveway heading toward the street. Jackie got on the 4 wheeler and headed out after it at a very slow speed as to not further scare the poor little thing. Just as Jackie had gotten to the end of the drive he could see it walking down the road calmly and he was going to follow on foot. No sooner had he started to walk down the road when he heard the familiar sound of an approaching Amish buggy and he was not the only one who heard it either. The fawn both heard and saw it at the same time and took off running in a blind panic and ran right into a barbed wire fence. It took a few steps and then collapsed in the middle of the road. The Amish boys stopped their buggy and one of them walked quietly with Jackie up to the fawn who was laying in the middle of the street. Just as Jackie and one of the boys came close enough to get a hold of it, the fawn jumped up and took off running as fast as it's little legs could take it thru a pasture. That was the last we ever saw of the fawn.

I have been heart sick thinking of the fate of this poor little baby. There was very little hope left that it would ever find it's mother, if in fact it's mother was even still alive. I have thought these last few days just how much I was like that poor lost little fawn. Running scared into fences and without direction, lonely and unable to hear the voice of comfort and love. I was lost and without hope. But all that changed the day I asked Jesus Christ to come into my heart and I gave my life to Him. And while my life still has it's trials and heartaches each day is full of promise, joy and happiness and I no longer resemble that poor little lost fawn.

Until we meet here again, I pray God bless you and keep your loved ones safe.