Laugh When No One Else Does!

Is it just me or have you ever been in your car alone, driving down the road and just think something so funny you crack yourself up? Or have you ever found yourself with a group of people and said something you thought was terribly amusing, started to laugh uncontrollably and then looked around the room and saw that nobody else was laughing? I love to laugh and more importantly I love to make other people laugh.

Sadly in our world today there are far too many tears, sorrows, worries and heartaches and far too little laughter. So many of the tragedies and toxic events in life are beyond our control and are more influenced by others than by ourselves. And then there are those drama filled moments of life in which we ourselves contribute more fuel to the fire than we care to admit, making things worse than if we just turned away. The reaction most of us have to either of these situations is negative. Get depressed, mad, yell, cry, you can fill in the blank with the way you would normally react. But in reality none of these normal reactions will improve anything and in all likelihood only serve as a catalyst to making you feel worse. Laughter on the other hand will life your spirts, give you an aerobic workout, release stress and make everything seem not quite as bad as you had thought.

It seems to me that while there is much in life we cannot control, there is much that we can control by choosing how we perceive and react to events. Laughter is the best medicine which we can apply to any negative circumstance we face in life. And by the same token it can also greatly enhance the happier moments as well. So let's all quit taking life so seriously and laugh, even if you must supply your own humor and you are the only one laughing.

Until we meet here again, I pray God bless you and keep your loved ones safe.