The Stupid Things I Do!

We have all had those moments when we do something so stupid that even we cannot believe we did them. I am embarrassed to say I have had an exceeding number of them in my lifetime. And while most of them have been without benefit of an audience, I do something even more unbelievably ridiculous and feel compelled to share all of them with Jackie. And no, he never lets me forget any of them.

Shortly after we were married I had to find my way to the Social Security office to have my name changed. The town closest to do this was about an hour away. I was nervous about finding my way there and back. I am seriously directionally challenged, a trait I inherited from my mother, and I often find getting home more difficult than getting there.

As fate would have it, Jackie had just won a Garmin GPS system from work a couple of days before my scheduled appointment. While neither of us had ever used a GPS he assured me I would get there and back with no problem whatsoever.The night before my appointment, he went out and set the GPS up in my car, instructed me how to use it and even entered the address so all I had to do was hit the go button and the little lady giving me directions would do all the work.

Well I did manage to get there and back, but not without getting lost twice going and once coming home. Seems like the little woman giving me directions was a bit confused on some of her turns and I had to correct her, who then needed to correct me. When I told Jackie what had happened, he was quick to point out that the GPS works much better if the driver actually listens to the directions. Who'd a thunk?

Then there was the time I injured myself drying my hair. My hair dryer has a recoil button in which you are to push the button when you are thru and it rolls the cord back into place. One beautiful morning I was fluffed and buffed for the day with the exception of drying my hair. Once I completed the task, I unplugged the hair dryer and pushed the recoil button but forgot to move my face out of the way. Well if you have never used one of those units, let me tell you those cords roll up pretty darn fast and as I would find out hard. Before I knew what had happened that cord smacked me on the bridge of my nose right between my eyes. At first I was momentarily stunned and wasn't sure what had happened. Then as I came to my senses, I looked in the mirror and what I saw was not pretty. My nose and eye had been hit by the plug and on either side of my nose were the marks of the two prongs and I was pretty sure I had broken my nose, again. Once again not able to help myself, I told Jackie as soon as he called. His comment, "what did you do that for?". I had a previously scheduled doctor appoint that afternoon and she confirmed that I had in fact broke my nose.

Now did I really feel it necessary to tell on myself once again and share all of this with you? Oh sure, if for no other reason than to give you a little laugh, but I do have a point. Even when we think no one sees the things we do, someone is always watching. God sees and knows everything we do, even if we don't feel like telling him. But we feel so much better when we do tell Him, and hey maybe He will get a little laugh.

Until we meet here again, I pray God bless you and keep your loved ones safe.