Flower Seeds

Six years ago Jackie and I started planting a huge flower patch in the garden at the edge of the driveway. The spot was strategically chosen so that visitors would be greeted by the colorful and welcoming display as they made their way to our house. Flowers have always made me happy and I wanted to give people something to smile about and something pretty to look at.

The first year we planted the patch it occupied a space merely large enough to accommodate two small packages of seeds. We watched the seeds sprout and grow and watched and waited for the little flower buds to give way to a brightly colored rainbow of flowers. As the growing season came to an end I noticed that the flowers had dried and left behind an unlimited amount of seeds. So I found a container and Jackie and I harvested the seeds and before we knew it we had filled the entire container. Early the next spring we had enough seeds to plant two huge rows of flowers and what a glorious sight they were.

We have harvested the seeds from those flowers every year since and they seem to grow more beautiful each year. We have already begun collecting seeds from this years crop and once again filling the container will not be a problem. Last year we added a second patch in back of the house planted with harvested seeds. People have asked me why I go to the trouble of saving seeds when I could buy them relatively inexpensively. It is really quite simple - I do it because I love the idea of keeping the story and beauty of the original flowers going.

I have shared my flower seeds with friends and family all over the country. It is my way of sharing a part of me and hopefully a way to keep my legacy alive. Perhaps someone I share my flower seeds with will appreciate what I love about them and continue to harvest and replant them long after I have left this world. Like my flower seeds, I hope my writings will live on after me and will allow someone whom I have never met to know me and maybe learn something from a life lived full of mistakes and struggles as well as peace and joy. A life lived close to God.

Until we meet here again, I pray God bless you and keep your loved ones safe.