Home Is Who You Are

I love decorating our home and I guess you could call it my passion. It not only relaxes me but it makes me happy to make it look pretty. Now with that said, it occurs to me to mention that doesn't mean I spend a lot of money doing so. I love a bargain and free is my favorite price of all. But honestly I don't like to buy things for the house outside of things like candles or seasonal decorations. What I love is surrounding our home with things that represent us, who we are individually as well as a couple and the roads we have taken in our lives.

Within the walls of our home you find family treasures. Things handed down thru the years from those whom we have loved and lost as well as those things passed to us by those who are alive and well and take pleasure in seeing us enjoy and use the things of which they no longer have need

On the shelves in our home you will find things we have held onto since childhood and have been important to us for one reason or another throughout our lives. You may find a coin, a small box or a little statue which to most would seem something suitable for only the nearest trash receptacle but to us priceless. Turkey feather fans and deer mounts which each hold a unique and adventurous story in which not one detail has been forgotten thru the years.

In the heart of our home you will see the delicate details of the life we have built together and all the things which we hold dear and love. Our three little dogs which to us are the children we never had and who give us an inordinate amount love and joy and keep us laughing. You will see all the furniture Jackie has made for me sparing not one detail to please me. You would see freshly baked muffins or pie which I make for Jackie just because it makes him happy. And most importantly, you would feel the presence of God who rules both our hearts and our home and is the reason there is even an us.

Thru the years I have had several people ask if I would help them decorate their home like I have ours. While it is nice of them to ask I always respectfully decline. I explain that I can only decorate our home because it is us. It tells our story and who we are. Everyone's home needs to tell their own story if it is to have any heart or warmth at all.

Until we meet here again, I pray God bless you and keep your loved ones safe.