How Often Have I Forgotten To Thank You?

This morning I watched the sun come up as I like to do, sitting in my grandma's rocker and looking out the door drinking a cup of coffee, I thought a lot about you and all you've done for me. And as I thought of all the things and the difference they have made, I couldn't help but ask myself how often have I forgotten to thank you?

I have said thank you far to few times for waking me each morning from a very restful sleep in the warm, safe bed you gave me and then got on my feet. For all the times you fed me and put clothes upon my back. For the endless supply of clean water both to drink and also to bathe. For the jobs of which I too often complained and all the skills you gave to which there was a need to fill which kept me in my jobs.

I have seldom stopped and thought about the countless times you protected me and kept me safe from harm. From unseen dangers lurking to which I had no clue but you stepped in on my behalf unbeknownst to me. For always watching over me when I was unaware that you had even noticed me or bottled up my tears.

I have grown so accustomed to the beauty which surrounds my waking days that I sometimes forget to look and let it take my breath away. The sun rises and sets each and every day, the sights and sounds of nature all created by Your command. The rain, the snow, the wind, the hail all created for a purpose which only you could do.

I am ashamed to say how often I have forgotten to thank you but the truth is no matter how much I remembered it will still never be enough. I do know that as I get older, I become more conscious of your presence and all You do for me. And now I come to you with a very humble heart and thank you Father God for giving me my precious life and loving me in spite of myself.

Until we meet here again, I pray God bless you and keep your loved ones safe.