Way Too Busy To Blog!!

As I sit at my little desk endeavoring to write this installment of my blog, I must confess I am finding it very difficult to concentrate. Winston is clamoring to get into my lap while Brewster is trying to get my socks which are still on my feet into his mouth and Pop is barking at every shadow he sees. And then there is Jackie's activity.

Bless his heart, Jackie loves a project and truth be told he doesn't know what to do with himself unless he has one going. Now generally this works out well and we make a good partnership as I give the projects vision while he brings them into reality. However there are times when I do tire of having the house tore up and full of construction dust and the mere mention of the word project breaks me out in hives.

I have been told by just about every woman I know that I am blessed to have a husband who will actually fix things and tackle home improvements. And for this I assure everyone I am grateful, however that is not to say that being married to "Tim the Tool Man Taylor" does not come with it's own set of challenges. In all relationships there is much more than just what people see on the surface. For example, Jackie and I are homebodies. There is no place else we would rather be than home on our little farm. We don't eat out unless we are at my mom's visiting and we don't travel.

The same women who point out that they would do anything to have a man like Jackie would not be a bit happy when they realized his idea of a good time was staying home as opposed to going out.

I have told Jackie many times that if it is God's will that I go before him he will not have to worry about finding another wife if he desires one as there will be women lined up along the driveway waiting to interview for my vacant position! But all joking aside, despite the fact that from time to time we drive each other batty, Jackie and I are perfect for each other. And we have God to thank for it all. Had it not been for his divine plan and leading we would have never found each other. And while things can get a little crazy and loud around here, life is full of love and laughter and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Until we meet here again, I pray God bless you and keep your loved ones safe.