Brothers Will Be Brothers

In my opinion I have the three most adorable little boys in the world, although I will admit they are a bit on the high maintenance side. For a little over ten years, Pop was an only child and as far as he and Jackie were concerned that was how things needed to stay. They were both of the mindset if it's not broke, don't fix it. I on the other hand was of the strong opinion that our family needed to expand and offered up a list of reasons to support my stance. Initially Jackie and Pop would not budge on the matter, but over time Jackie came around to my way of thinking and Winston was added to the family.

The first time we saw Winston was the day we brought him home. He was born about three hours away from where we live and we picked him out from a picture on the computer. The minute his picture came up on the screen we both just knew he was the one for us. We had to wait three weeks for him to be old enough to bring home, and I made use of the time trying to prepare Pop for his new brother. When the day finally came to bring Winston home I had every confidence that Pop would be thrilled to have a brother. Have I ever mentioned that I can be somewhat delusional at times?,

When we arrived home Pop met us as he always did at the door jumping and wagging his tail, happy to see us. I talked to him as I usually did when we first came home and at this point he was completely unaware that I was holding a puppy in my arms. I kneeled down on the floor and then I asked him if he wanted to see what I had brought home for him and it was then that I revealed Winston.

I set Winston down on the floor in front of Pop and introduced him to his new baby brother. Pop looked at Winston and then he looked at me and I could tell he was not happy. Then he walked over to Winston, took a sniff of him and then walked away. He went to the living room and got into his recliner. My heart sank at Pop's reaction and for the first time since I brought up adding to our family I found myself questioning my own intelligence in the matter. Jackie, as he always is, was very reassuring and told me Pop would come around he just needed some time.

For the first six weeks of Winston's life with us, Pop refused to have anything to do with any of us! With the exception of going out to potty or eating, he spent his days in the living room in his recliner. He flat out ignored any attempts we made at cuddling or playing with him. If he wanted to come into the kitchen, he would bypass the short route and walk down the long hallway so as to completely avoid contact with any of us. He made sure we knew in all uncertain terms that he was miffed and in a big way!

Gradually Pop began to come into the kitchen and spend time with us although he did so in a way that he thought we would not notice. Poor little Winston wanted so badly for Pop to play with him but Pop still would have nothing to do with him. Then one evening Jackie went to take care of the barn chores and I was in the kitchen fixing supper, I heard Winston's sweet little baby bark and knew he was talking to Pop and wondered if the poor little fella would ever give on Pop. Then I heard the familiar sound of his little feet running on the floor and then I heard Pop running on the floor. I quickly ran around the island top and my eyes filled with tears at what I saw....Pop was playing with Winston!!! I felt as if it was nothing short of a miracle!!! I quickly got my phone and started to video them so I could show Jackie. I knew he would be just as happy as I was that Pop had finally forgotten that he was mad.

It will be three years December 5 that we brought Winston home and last June we added his full brother Brewster to our family as well. Thankfully we had no issues with Winston adjusting to Brewster when we brought him home. While Pop who is now thirteen doesn't play a whole lot, he does take comfort in the companionship the little boys give him. It has been so long since he has been alone, we took him with us to drop the boys off for their haircuts and we will take him with us to pick them up. He has wandered around the house all morning obviously not knowing what to do with himself without the business and noise which his brothers bring to his life. And really isn't that how it often is in our own lives? We resist someone or something God brings into our life wanting everyone to know how unhappy and mad we are. But then left alone we come around and wind up embracing that which we would have gotten rid of. And then when for whatever reason we find that very thing missing from our lives we pray God bring it back.

Until we meet here again, I pray God bless you and keep your loved ones safe.