Nostalgic For My Childhood

Yesterday when Jackie brought in the mail much to my delight I received a new issue of my favorite catalog....The Vermont Country Store. I can spend hours looking thru one of their catalogs. If you have never seen one before oh you are missing out. It is partially food, small household appliances, toiletries, seasonal decorations and clothes-all things that are totally retro and from my childhood.

The first time I received a copy in the mail I had never heard of The Vermont Country store, however from reading the history they include, it is a family owned business that has been around for many years. As I flipped thru the pages I was instantly transported back in time to the 60's when my sisters and I were all young and life was just so sweet and simple. My mind was flooded with memories as the turning of each page offered up the remembrance of some long forgotten item that was used, worn or eaten daily in my childhood. I was not prepared for how comforting it made me feel to just sit and remember all that I had locked away and forgotten almost as a means of self preservation required to cope with the very different way of life today.

Before I was half way thru the catalog I began to become acutely aware of just how different and really sad life is today. Most of all for the children who find themselves growing up. Everything was so cut and dry when I was a child and today even as an adult things are terribly confusing and yes, disturbing. When I was young, you had one mommy and one daddy and no one had two mommies with no daddy and vice versa and we didn't even know what divorce was. Each school day began with everyone saying the Pledge of Allegiance and we played outside. Gay meant happy and a telephone was attached to the wall and had a long cord attached at both ends. You didn't take the phone with you when you went out; it stayed at home with the pets. if you called someone and the phone was busy or no one answered, you simply called back at a later time. You had only four, possibly five television stations and the only remote control was one of us kids who would stand and change the channels until dad said to stop.

We children were raised to have respect for our parents and elders. If you were told not to do something you didn't do it. You didn't have to be told why, we knew something very unpleasant would be in it for us if we didn't listen. Parents could raise their children and hand out spankings when necessary without fear of being thrown in jail. Mom could send us to the store to return soda bottles or to pick up some milk without worries and for the most part the days of life went by without incident. Except when the Sears Christmas catalog finally arrived! There were many squabbles that broke out over that catalog.

The older I get, the more my heart aches for the way life used to be and the more I try to incorporate that time of life into our daily life. I think that is why I like using the things that belonged to my mom and grandma so much. It disconnects me from the modern life I live in now and connects me to the simpler time in which I lived. In our home it is God, family and country and that is how it will remain.

Until we meet here again, I pray God bless you and keep your loved ones safe.