Darlene Koch's Story In Her Own Words What I Want You To Learn From Me

As I was nearing the completion of the last installment of Darlene's story I asked if she would write yet one more chapter to end with. I asked her what it was that she wanted her readers to take with them from her story and true to her generous nature and big heart she obliged. I personally found these last thoughts to be the most profound and moving of all as these came from her reflections after she had been thru her journey and emerged victorious. This is what she has to say to each of you:

In closing I would like to say to all that have read my story, women, men, young and older are not safe from this dreaded disease called breast cancer. Why this happens I will never know. If you ever find yourself hearing the words, "You have cancer", they are really words to help you. Be happy they found this. Listen to your doctors, they have seen it all and are there to help you, not hurt you.

To me one of the most important parts of this was the dreaded mammogram. It found the part of me I never knew was there. When people I knew found out I had breast cancer, some would speak out and tell me how sorry they were, others would stay away. I believe this was because they did not know what to say or what they needed to say. I found the best thing to do is speak from your heart and the right words will come to you. When people would come to me and cry, I would say, "No, don't do that because I will get back to normal. I know God will help me and give me the strength to go on.".

I pray my story will help others. All of us have life stories. Everyone has a book of their own life. Thank you for reading my book.

Darlene Koch

I want to personally than Darlene for generously sharing her story with us and for trusting me with it. I can tell you from experience it is difficult to share something so deeply personal in nature. It is only with a deeply rooted desire to help others and leading from God that one can muster the courage to bare their soul wide open. If any of you have any comments or thoughts for Darlene she would love to hear from you. Please just send them to this web site and I will forward them on to her.

Until we meet here again, I pray God bless you and keep your loved ones safe.