Sweet Jesus Mine, Won't You Sing Me A Song?

Sweet Jesus mine, won't You sing me a song?

The one about the day when it was time for me to be born.

You said my mom and daddy waited a long time to see me smile,

I'd have to go on now but only for awhile.

You kissed me on the cheek and I started to cry.

Then You held me in your arms and rocked me for awhile.

You said you didn't want to let go, but it was all part of the plan.

And though I wouldn't see You, You promised always to be there,

holding my hand and guiding me everywhere.

And then I saw a bright light and I was cold and I was wet.

I was laid in my momma's arms to love and to protect.

Sweet Jesus mine, won't you sing me a song?

The one about the day when I first heard Your name.

I was five and so excited when mom took me to church Sunday school.

The teacher told a story all about You and gave me your picture to color.

You said You'd be my friend and if I wanted You'd hold my hand while we walked.

You stayed beside me all thru school and helped me learn many lessons along the way.

You were the only real friend I had in all those troubled years.

I never would have made it thru those long and rocky years,

if it hadn't been for Your love and the hope that drove me on.

Sweet Jesus mine, won't You sing me a song?

The one about the day when I left mom and daddy's home.

I was young and full of promise, head strong and so naïve.

I didn't need no help from no one was gonna make it on my own.

It took no time at all for my world to fall apart.

I feel into a tailspin where I spent so many years.

I would fall and I would get up and I'd do it all again.

But You never did forsake me or leave me all alone.

You protected and corrected, sent Your angels to keep watch.

And when I'd finally had enough and got down upon my knees,

and I told you I couldn't do it on my own, please take my life.

Then You picked me up and placed me in the arms,

of the man You chose to love me a long time ago.

I knew we'd be together always and You would grace our happy home.

Sweet Jesus mine, won't You sing me a song?

The one about the day when You finally call me home.

There will be choirs and angles and trumpets will blow.

All the loved ones I've lost will be waiting for me,

their bodies won't be broken no sorrows will they bear.

We'll all be young and healthy, full of joy and have no tears.

A pretty little mansion You will have prepared just for me.

In the countryside of heaven with a field full of flowers,

all my horses in a pasture, all my dogs by my side.

And I'll spend my endless days bowed before you,

grateful and so humble for the eternal life You've given me.

The privilege to worship basking in the glory of Your Face.

Sweet Jesus mine would You sing it again?

How I love you hear You sing me my song.

This originally started out as a song, of course it was much shorter. While I have a melody in my head, I don't play any musical instruments so was unable to put music to it. So, I added to it, hearing the melody while I wrote and turned it into a written piece.

Until we meet here again, I pray God bless you and keep your loved ones safe.