The Mouse In The Trap

We have two cats that are very good hunters and they love to bring the fruits of their hunt up to the house. That being said, one of my first chores of the day was to dispose of a dead mouse laying in the driveway. As I was making my way to the disposal field, I thought about my mom and how she hates a mouse, or for that matter any other member of the rodent family. While I don't love them, they don't throw me into a blind panic as I have gotten used to their presence because they are just part of country life. As I was thinking about mom a memory from years gone by involving a mouse in a trap came to mind.

Mom had been telling dad for a while that she had seen a mouse in the basement while she was doing laundry. This sighting rendered her unwilling to travel to the basement alone and one of us girls needed to go with her for protection. Now dad being a man and all was relatively unsympathetic to her plight and thought that somehow telling her the mouse was more afraid of her than she was of him was an effective way to calm her fears and assured her she was in no particular danger. Oh how wrong he was. This went on for a bit and eventually dad set a couple of mouse traps in the basement.

Each morning before school and each afternoon after school mom would send either my sister or I to the basement to check the trap for it's intended victim. For several days the trap was empty and the little fella was to escape his demise and continued to carry on with his daily mouse business. However, within a few days, he was unable any longer to resist the temptation of the cheese dad had used to bait the trap and, well let's just say he had been forced to retire early against his will. Now you would have thought that would have been the end of it, but if anything scared mom worse than a live mouse, it was a dead mouse so the mouse trap remained untouched until dad got home from work that night.

As soon as dad came thru the door mom wanted him to go downstairs and get rid of the mouse. Now dad was a reasonable man and he assured her the mouse would still be there after he changed from his work clothes and ate his supper. True to his word, as soon as he had finished his last bite of supper he headed to the basement to rid it of mom's little friend. We all waited at the top of the steps with baited breath watching for dad to emerge victorious mouse and trap in hand. And then after what seemed like forever we saw him and he had a mouse in his hand! The sight sent mom and us three girls screaming into the kitchen.

Now right in the middle of our screaming feast, the telephone rang. My dad never got telephone calls at home but at that most inopportune moment my godfather, almost as if sensing the commotion surrounding my dad, called to chat. I honestly don't remember who answered the telephone, but whoever it was gave dad to the phone and with trap and dead mouse in hand, he commenced carrying on a conversation as if all were completely normal. My dad was getting understandably irritated at the lot of us, screaming and carrying while he was trying to hear on the telephone. It is important to note this was the old days, when telephones were attached to the wall and a cord connected the receiver to the base preventing the user from leaving the area where the phone was located so dad couldn't go elsewhere. So poor old dad was left with no choice but to end his conversation and get the mouse out of the house so he could restore order and get some peace and quiet.

When dad came back in from the garage, peace and calm had been restored to the house and it was as if you would have never known there was anything wrong. To dad our behavior was sheer foolishness and nonsense and he never did understand it, but he never held it against us either. As a matter of fact when he came back in it was as if he had forgotten the entire episode as well. Once again I can't help but think of the many ways this is like our faith and our relationship with God. We believe we have faith and we believe it to be strong and then something goes wrong and in an instant we forget all about what we know and start screaming and hollering. And then God our Father comes to our rescue and takes care of everything and makes it all ok and then rather than learn something from the matter we forget all about it. And like my dad, God forgets our foolishness as well.

That's why God gave us the Bible. His letter to us, our instruction manual from Him for our lives. We are to use it to draw strength for our lives so we can grow as Christians, grow in our spirituality and most importantly of all in our relationship to God. We must spend time daily in the Word of God. Every answer to everything we will encounter in life is in the Bible, but you won't know that if you never get it down off the shelf, blow off the dust and open the cover and discover the peace and joy within its pages.

Until we meet here again, I pray God bless you and keep your loved ones safe.