A Day In My Life

I woke up at 5:45 am, like I do most mornings. I don't set an alarm clock it's just when I wake up. I laid in bed and talked to God until 6:00. I pulled the covers back, got out of bed and headed to the kitchen to start the coffee. While the coffee was brewing I fed the cats and put out fresh kitchen towels. I poured myself a cup of coffee and headed into the living room and sat down in grandma's rocking chair to watch the sun come up while I talked to God. I love this time of morning, when it's dark and the sun is still asleep. I sit in the quiet and watch the sun veer its head and the night is transformed to day. It is in these moments when I am the most aware of the awesomeness and greatness of God and all that He has done in my life. Gratitude fills my heart and my desire for each day is that God use me to glorify Him.

At 6:45 I get the boys up out of bed. I wake Jackie with a kiss and get the puppies out of bed and onto the floor and we head to the back door to their little yard. As I take a step out the door I interrupt a flock of eight deer eating acorns and persimmons in the wooded area just off the back of the house. They take off as soon as they hear me come out but I know they will be back as soon as it's quiet and dark again. I let the boys out and sit down in my rocker on the porch while they take care of business and while wait, I talk to God.

Back inside I make the bed and then it's to off to the kitchen to have a bowl of cereal and catch up on Twitter while I eat. I clean up breakfast dishes then it's time to shower and get myself ready to face the day ahead. Next I start a load of laundry, pour myself another cup of coffee and sit down with my Bible at the kitchen table and spend some time in the Word.

It's now time to get with Jackie and see what's on the agenda for the day. The clothes are ready for the dyer and I put the final items on my shopping list and it's off to town we head. We run our errands and stop at the grocery last then it's back home. And while we drive I view the world and I talk to God. By the time we put the groceries away it's time for lunch. Nothing big or fancy but tasty just the same. I load and run the dishwasher and mix a batch of granola. While the granola is baking in the oven, I sit and take a rest and talk to God.

Now the granola is done baking and the dishes are put up so now I get out the computer so I can sit down and write. It takes a couple of hours to complete and post the blog and then I have a bit of time to stretch my legs and visit the ponies and the goats. And while I walk up to the barn I talk to God. Before I am even to their gate the ponies start to nicker at me because they know it's time for their treat. Today it's mini frosted shredded wheat, of which they can never get enough. Next it's off to see the goats who have been carrying on the entire time I have been with the ponies anxious for their favorite afternoon snack, animal crackers. Oh how I love our animals; they are just plain good for my soul! Time to walk back down to the house to give Jackie a quick haircut before I start supper and while I walk I talk to God.

Jackie's haircut takes just a little bit and then I head in to start supper. Tonight supper is Jackie's favorite 7 Can Soup. I start to brown the meat and Jackie comes in for a glass of tea and volunteers to open up the cans for me. We chat while I fix the soup and then he heads back out to his shop to finish up a few things before he heads in for the day. I set the table while he takes a shower and he says grace before we eat. He feeds the puppies while I clean up supper and then we head outside to sit in our rockers on the porch and enjoy the beautiful view. Sometimes we talk, sometimes we don't but we love it either way. We head inside were we read for a while, sometimes the Bible sometimes a book. And I talk to God.

Now it's time for the last chores of the day. The puppies all get brushed and their faces cleaned and then before we take them out for a little walk, Jackie gives them each a vanilla wafer. I make up the coffee for the morning so all I have to do is turn the pot on and then we head into bed, (all of us), to watch a little television and about 9:00 pm we share a bag of popcorn. Then as I drift to slumber so sweet, I talk to God and thank Him with a heart full of love for all the joy and blessings He has given me.

Until we meet here again, I pray God bless you and keep your loved ones safe.