Looking For Hidden Crosses

When Jackie and I first married, the majority of the walls in our house were covered with wood with painted dry wall exposed in only the bathroom and kitchen/dining room area and the hall. Neither Jackie or I care for the look of dry wall plus since the rest of the house gives the appearance of a cabin, dry wall just looked out of place. So several years ago we decided to finish the remainder of the house in wood and completed the project in about a year. Without a doubt the biggest transformation was the bathroom which went from a cold, uninviting space to a welcoming room which invited you to come in and relax.

Since the completion of the renovation I have spent a lot of time in the bathroom. This morning when I was done showering I went to get a Q-tip out of a little box kept on a shelf attached to the wall above the toilet. I look at this shelf on the wall each and every day of my life and clean it several times a week. But this morning something on the wall caught my eye. My curiosity peaked, I moved in a bit closer to get a better look. I didn't have to get very close to recognize beyond a shadow of a doubt what I was looking at. It was a perfect, tiny little cross tucked away and hidden in it's special place just waiting for me to find it.

When I found it, I couldn't have been more excited than if it were Christmas morning. Immediately I knew Who had put it there and why. Wanting to share the sweetness of this gift, I called for Jackie to come see what I had found. He looked at it, then looked at me with a smile on his face and asked how it was neither of us had ever seen it before. Neither of us could answer the question or offer up any explanation other than it was found when God meant for it to be found.

I have thought many times today about my hidden cross and happiness finding it gave me. And it has made me wonder just how often in life God hides little crosses for us which we never find because we are too busy or engaged in our lives to look. How often do we deprive ourselves of the things that truly give meaning to life because we are looking in all the wrong places or in material things to define happiness for us. So my question to you is this, have you looked lately for your hidden crosses?

Until we meet here again, I pray God bless you and keep your loved ones safe.