Gefilte Kraut

My grandma Beulah was the best cook I've ever known and some of my fondest childhood memories revolve around the foods she prepared. It didn't matter if she was cooking just an everyday meal or one of her huge holiday feasts it was always delicious. Grandma started cooking for a family when she was little more than a baby herself as tuberculosis took the life of her mother when she was only thirteen years old. Grandma had to leave school in order to stay home and care for her father and her older brother. Grandma never complained but rather took pride in the way in which she carried out her new daily duties, especially her cooking skills. Skills she took with her when she began to run her own household as a new bride.

One of the most time consuming dishes grandma made was Gifilte Kraut which is just another name for stuffed cabbage rolls. The dish was reflective of the family heritage and everyone looked forward to grandma making them which grandma did to please her family a couple of times a year. As we girls got older grandma would have us over and show us how to make the family heirloom so we could continue the tradition she started. She never used a written recipe for it was written on her heart and in her mind and she taught us to do it the same way.

Grandma shared all of her recipes with her daughters and granddaughters and we all count them as our most treasured and used recipes. And while we have all made the Gifilte Kraut the time constraints of life make it prohibitive to do it often. So the other day when I was looking thru a magazine and I came across a recipe for a casserole version of the cabbage rolls I was thrilled. It contained all but one of the ingredients, (sauerkraut), and it sounded delicious. I took a picture of the recipe and sent it to mom and she thought it sounded as good as I did and we both agreed that a can of sauerkraut should be added to make it authentic. Mom tried it first and it was a huge success! She even shared some with my uncle's wife and she raved about it as well.

So today I am sharing the recipe with you on the recipe page of the blog. It has all the necessities for today's busy woman: it's healthy, economical, quick and easy and most important DELICIOUS! Give her a try one of these chilly fall nights. I think you will love it. And in the mean time I am off to whip up a batch for our supper and while I am cooking I will be thinking of my grandma.

Until we meet here again, I pray God bless you and keep your loved ones safe.