A Walk Around The Hay Field

I love walking outside, especially this time of year. There is no better way to clear your head and forget your worries and troubles. If you don't have much time, a quick fifteen minute walk is all you need to clear your head and put your life back in perspective. I never feel closer to God and as abundantly aware of all He has blessed me with than when I am outside walking. Any troubles I am experiencing I can feel begin to melt away within minutes of starting my walk. By the time I have finished my heart is full of gratitude and my strength renewed.

For a long time I would take my daily walks on the main road, however our road is not the safest road for a pedestrian to walk on. We have all sorts of traditional vehicle traffic as well horse and buggy traffic. Factor in loose dogs and some pretty substantial hills both coming and going and you have a less than relaxing walk as you have to stay very alert in order to make it home uninjured.

Jackie never was thrilled with me walking on the road by myself. He would walk with me some however the hard asphalt road top was very hard on his knees and hips and would leave him with quite a bit of pain to deal with. So about a year ago he got an idea. He decided to cut a walking path around the hay field. It was the perfect surface, smooth, flat and soft. It was peaceful, offered beautiful scenery and most importantly one could relax and clear their head not needing to be ever mindful of impending hazards. He didn't tell me what he was up to until he was done and when he showed me I was thrilled. And as an added bonus, he drove the four wheeler around the track and clocked the mileage so I would know exactly how far I had walked. FYI, 3 1/2 laps equals one mile.

For sometime now, weather permitting, Jackie and I have had a standing date in the afternoons to walk around the hay field. The number of laps we make varies from day to day but we both have come to cherish the time we spend together walking. Sometimes we talk the entire time we are walking, sometimes we don't talk at all but rather just enjoy feeling the presence of one another. My mom and dad spent a lot of time walking together much like Jackie and I albeit they didn't walk in the country as we do but rather the subdivisions surrounding their house. They also counted their walking time together as something special just the two of them shared. Perhaps that's how I came to appreciate and understand this special intimacy shared by two hearts which requires no words.

In my mind most precious gifts God gives us in this life cannot be bought with money nor purchased with any credit card. They are purchased with something of far more value than currency and much harder to earn. Love and respect.

Until we meet here again, I pray God bless you and keep your loved ones safe.