Hey Where Are You Going?

The first time I laid eyes on you I was just a little pup,

Furry, soft and cuddly my nose was wet and cold.

You watched as I jumped and hopped and played

with my brothers and my sisters and you couldn't decide

just which of us had stole your heart away.

You picked me up and cuddled me and then I kissed your nose.

You caught the sent of my sweet puppy breath and looked into my

big brown eyes, it was then that you knew I was the one meant for you.

You said we'd be the best of friends and that you'd always love me.

I was so very happy my tail would not calm down.

We left and headed to our home and I didn't know just what to expect.

I'd never had an owner and I wanted to do right.

At first everything seemed to go all right but there were a lot of rules.

There were things for me to chew and others I could not. There were places I

sit and places I could not. And perhaps to me the hardest the most confusing

of all was where I could go tinkle.

And when I went to bed that first night I was so very sad. It was the very first

time I ever slept alone and I missed my family. I woke up crying in the night

and called for you to come but I had to wait till morning. I was so glad to see

you I couldn't sit still. You played with me for a little while and then you had

to go to work. When you left you put my in my box and said you'd soon be back.

It seemed you were gone forever but I waited for you all day.

The months went by and I grew twice my size and things were not going well.

It seemed I couldn't please you despite how hard I tried.

You spent so much time away but I never did get mad. I was so very happy

whenever you came home, I'd go get my ball to play with you but you told me to lay down.

I looked forward to the weekends because then you'd be at home, maybe then you'd take

me for a walk or throw my ball to me.

Then one day you called me, said you'd take me for a ride.

I jumped up right beside you and stuck my head outside.

In not so very long a time we pulled into a place which I'd never seen before.

There were rows and rows of other dogs in cages made of metal with hard, cold

concrete floors.

They all looked sad and lonely and I wondered why I was there.

I started to get scared as we walked up towards the door.

Then you gave my leash to a stranger and told me to be a good boy.

The very last time I saw you was as you drove away. I thought about the

promise you made me when I was just a little pup. You said you would always

love me and we'd be the best of friends, but friends don't leave their buddies

especially in a place like this.

Animals are a gift to mankind from God. He gave them to us for joy, happiness as well as companionship. In exchange all they want in return is love and to be kept warm and safe and well.

The animal shelters around the country are full of unwanted, unloved animals whose hearts have been broken by humans.

If you want an animal of any kind please be certain you have thought about the time and responsibility they require and deserve. Make sure they will fit into your lifestyle and you can afford to take care of them, even if that means doing without something for yourself. And please, please have them neutered or spayed to prevent bringing additional unwanted, unloved animals into the world. And might I suggest if you have any doubts at all, go visit your local shelter and look at the faces of the animals there with very dismal futures. Take a long hard look and then ask yourself if you could do this to an animal. Sometimes reality is harsh.

Until we meet here again, I pray God bless you and keep your loved ones safe.