Fire In The Woodstove

Last night it officially was cold enough to start the first fire of the year in the wood stove. Up until now we had been using our electric baseboard heaters but we don't like to use them any longer than necessary due to the high cost of operation. We love using wood to heat the house. Nothing is a cozier or warmer heat I love to sit in the kitchen at night with the lights turned off and watch the fire. I can think of little more relaxing or good for the soul.

Also officially now is time for our favorite cold weather recipes. On the menu tonight is Chicken Pot Pie. While we enjoy this dish fixed with a traditional crust, Jackie prefers the less traditional crust included in the recipe. I love either way but I think I would have to say I still prefer the traditional crust a tad bit better. There is little else easier to fix than this dish and it is not only delicious but would be perfect to serve to company for a spur of the moment gathering. Simply pair it with a salad, some sort of bread or biscuits and baked apples or pears and you have a meal fit for a king.

As always I will be telling you how I make this dish in the Main Dish section of the Recipe page of the blog. Also as I promised I would be doing, I am including a recipe for homemade cocoa mix which would be an excellent Christmas gift for some lucky person on your list this year.

Well I am off to clean the goat house and visit my outside babies and then I have a pot pie to fix.

Until we meet here again, I pray God bless you and keep your loved ones safe.