Sometimes Forever Means Forever

The other day I was busy doing house chores and Jackie came in and asked if I would like to ride to town with him to fuel up the truck. It was a beautiful late fall day and I jumped at the chance to take a ride and enjoy the changing scenery. As I always do, I waited for him in the truck. Normally in downtown Marion, KY there is not much activity going on to occupy a mind while waiting however on this particular day I counted myself blessed to be where I was a just that moment. Had I not been there I would have missed one of the sweetest, living illustrations of the love God intended between a man and a woman I had ever seen.

Jackie had only been out of the truck a minute or two as I sat and looked around, watching cars pass by when something to the right of me caught my attention. As I turned to look I saw an elderly couple making their way across the parking lot of the florist shop which was next to the gas station lot. The first thing I noticed was how nicely they were dressed. As is customary of people in their generation they would never think of going to town dressed in their pajamas or with their hind end hanging out. She was wearing a dress complete with heels, a hat, pocket purse and a mid length dress coat. He was wearing a suit, dress coat and a hat.

As I watched them make their way very slowly to their destination, I saw she walked with a cane. He stood closely next to her, his left arm behind her back, holding her left arm and hand with his. His right hand supporting her right arm while her hand used the cane for support. It was obvious by the way he held on to her, that she was his most precious and fragile treasure on this earth. And yet despite their obvious physical challenges they talked and laughed just as if they were teenagers courting and very much in love.

They were still walking when Jackie got back into the truck and for no particular reason, I didn't tell him about the elderly couple I watched while he attended to his business. I continued to think about them on the ride home and while I have no way of knowing for certain, in my mind I just knew they had been married for a very long time. I knew they had been through both the better and worse, richer and poorer and had forsaken all others. I knew they had walked the journey of life together hand in hand, never letting go. And then I looked over at Jackie who had no idea where my thoughts were and I thought how much we are like that sweet little couple. And I thanked God that time and age rather than dull our love and friendship will only serve to strengthen it.

Until we meet here again, I pray God bless you and keep your loved ones safe.