How Small I Really Am

In our house I am always the first one up in the morning so when we brought baby Winston home it was only natural for me to take him out to potty first thing in the morning. Both Winston and Brewster have long been potty trained but it is still my habit to take them out and walk them first thing in the morning. With the exception of the winter months it is something I enjoy and look forward to each morning.

There is something almost magically about stepping outside and taking in all the newness and promise of the brand new day God has created. No two mornings are ever the same. The color of the sky, the pattern of the clouds randomly placed against the great expanse of seemingly endless space. The sun in various states of wakening and occasionally it is hidden by rain clouds giving much needed moisture to the ground. Sometimes I may find a rainbow, sometimes snowflakes. And then there are the animals.

We have all kinds of wild animals here where we live and we love watching them. We spend so much time outside that the animals are used to us and not typically frightened by our presence. On the far side of our driveway our neighbor has a huge parcel of partially wooded ground which he uses for nothing other than pasturing cattle. This morning as I made my way to the driveway where I walk the boys, I looked up and I saw four does and two fawns standing in the clearing just looking at us. They looked just like a painting. The sun was coming up, the sky was crystal blue with just a few white puffy clouds and the dew on the blades of grass and tree leaves sparkled like diamonds. I stopped and took a moment to take in the graceful beauty of these docile creatures and the enormity of the world God had created. The gift He gave to us.

And as I stood there and watched the deer tire of the spot they were in and quietly move along, I was overcome by just how insignificant and small I am in this great big, wonderful world of God's. And He spoke it all into existence for us to love and care for.

Until we meet here again, I pray God bless you and keep your loved ones safe.