But For The Grace Of God Go I

Winter may have just have gotten under way but here in Kentucky we have settled into a deep freeze. Last night our actual temperature was one and the feel like temperature was minus ten. And we are not alone as a large part of the country has similar temperatures and some even have ice and snow to deal with as well. And while many of us mumble and grumble and complain about the weather, the truth is if we have a warm home and a bed to sleep in, clean clothes to wear and a full belly we are blessed beyond belief.

In our country there are sadly many poor souls who have no where to lay their head at night. Nowhere to go to feel safe and happy or belong. Nowhere to take a shower or do laundry. Nowhere to call home. There are those of us who talk about the problem of homelessness and hunger and it bothers us deeply but in the end we do nothing to alleviate the problem. Then there are many who live in big houses and drive fancy cars think everyone who lives on the streets is there because they like that way or deserve to be there because of bad life choices. They hold to the belief that loosing their home would never happen to them as they work very hard for everything they have. Oh how very foolish and naïve because the truth is, but for the grace of God it could happen to any of us.

In the Bible God tells us we are to bear one another's burdens as our own and consider others as more important than ourselves. To share what we have with those who don't have. And if someone is hungry don't bless them and then send them on their way still hungry but give them something to eat. I could go on and on giving examples of how the Bible tells us to treat our fellow man but in the end it all boils down to what Jesus says in Matthew 22:36-40. He was asked which is the greatest commandment. Jesus says the first and greatest is to the love the Lord God with all your soul and all your mind. And the second is to love your neighbor as yourself. I don't know about you but I can honestly say I fall shamefully short of that commandment.

Let's not forget those who have no home. Let's show compassion and kindness finding ways we can help in our own communities. And most important of all, remember to thank God for the abundance of blessings He has given you. What you have is what someone else is praying for.

Until we meet here again, I pray God bless you and keep your loved ones safe.