The Frozen Slumber

Before I even opened up the door the other morning I knew it was cold. The wood stove had burned all the wood which was deposited in it before we went to bed and all that remained was coals. The thermometer hanging on the kitchen wall read sixty degrees and the weather app on my phone said it was negative one outside and felt like temperature was minus ten.

I opened the kitchen door and walked out onto the front porch to get a piece of wood out of the wood box to feed the stove. The first thing I noticed was the sting of the cold on my face which for a moment took my breath. I stood still for a moment and looked at the sky as the sun was coming up. It was beautiful with streaks of pink and orange amid the dark of the night sky that was quickly fading away. And as I looked at the sky I suddenly became aware of the stillness that surrounded me. All the creatures were still nestled in their beds and it seemed as if I was the only one awake.

And as I stood taking in the fullness of the moment, I began to listen and as I did I noticed the faintest sound of cracking. It seemed to be coming from the trees, the ground, the sky, even the air. It was almost as if I could hear all of nature around me, the world that God created, waking and reluctantly rising from it's slumber. And then I realized how cold I was and hurried to get my wood and get back inside.

I got the fire in the stove blazing, poured myself a cup of coffee and I sat down by the fire. As I sat there enjoying the quiet of the morning while Jackie and the puppies were still in bed I thought about all the many ways God reminds us of just how alive the world surrounding us is. Even the parts we don't think of as alive. And in a way I cannot explain, hearing the world wake up made me feel incredibly alive and unbelievably thankful for the bitter cold.

Until we meet here again, I pray God bless you and keep your loved ones safe.