To Gallop Thru The Snow

Jackie and Chester yesterday.

This morning, as he does every morning, Jackie headed to the barn as soon as he was done with his breakfast. He loves to go to the barn first thing and take care of the animals. He says it gets his bones working, but I know he really enjoys the time with the animals. From our living room windows you can see the barn and pony pasture and I love to watch as the ponies are turned out each day.

This morning the sun was out in all its glory and the sky was the most brilliant blue with not even a cotton ball cloud in sight. The blanket of snow looked as if it were covered with millions of tiny little diamonds as the sun bounced off the surface. As I waited for Jackie to loose the ponies from their stalls, I watched as the birds flocked to the feeders and the vibrant red of red-headed wood peckers and cardinals was beautiful. Squirrels ran up and down trees playing tag.

And then Jackie opened the gate and the two little ponies, Chester and Hershey, emerged from their stall. They walked out nice and calm as they had been taught, stopped and looked around, sniffed the ground a bit. Then they both lifted their heads, looked at one another and simultaneously took off running. They ran a bit, kicked up their heels, reared up like little stallions and then they ran some more. Oh they were happy to be alive and were they ever pretty to watch! By the time Cisco had finished her breakfast and was turned out, the boys had settled down and turned their attention to the round bale of hay and commenced to eating. Seeing as it is not much fun to run by yourself, Cisco joined them for a little dessert.

It seemed to me that all of the animals on the farm, small and large, wild and domestic, were particularly happy to be alive today. They had not a care in the world as they ran and frolicked thru the snow in the sunshine. Despite the fact that there was a window which separated my world from theirs I could feel their delight and joy. In that moment I thought it very sad that we humans can't have that same feeling of joy, completely freedom from burdens and worries. And then I heard a little voice whisper in my ear, all people can live in joy and complete freedom but most choose not to. Instead of giving their burdens and worries of this world to Me they hold on to them tightly, refusing to let go.

I'd realized at that moment I had been neglecting to cast my cares to Jesus. The One who could and would take all my burdens, my worries, my fears and my cares of this world, make them His and give me complete freedom and joy. I don't know about you, but myself, well I want to run in the snow like my ponies.

Until we meet here again, I pray God bless you and keep your loved ones safe.