Baking Is Good For The Soul

There is just something about cooking I find innately satisfying and comforting. I love the whole process. Planning meals and searching my "homemade" recipe book filled with the treasures that have been passed down to me as well as those I have collected during my lifetime, setting the table for supper. It all fills my heart with joy. And oh, the memories and the stories from years gone by that are attached to each recipe I prepare. I don't know what's sweeter and more savory when I cook. The smells which fill the house when I am cooking, or the memories that flood my heart.

Especially comforting to me when I am troubled or have something on my mind is baking. I can loose myself in baking and be swept away in the "process" of creating something delicious from things that in and of themselves are pretty tasteless. Baking requires measuring which requires a certain degree of concentration. It also requires you to "feel" the ingredients and make adjustments based on those feelings and knowing when it is just right such as in bread making. A good baker also knows how to add their own personal touch to any recipe making it uniquely their own by adding a little something that just takes it from ordinary to extraordinary. Then perhaps best of all there is the satisfaction of knowing you have pleased those to whom the fruits of your labor were prepared for and shared with. Regardless if it be family, friends, neighbors or a stranger food is the universal language of love and friendship.

Really when I think about it cooking is a lot like life. It is a lot of hard work and you never know what ingredients you have on hand to work with. The longer you've been at it, the more experience you get and by mere virtue of experience, the better you get. The longer we live the more in touch we become to feeling when something is and is not right for us and then make adjustments accordingly. We each add our own seasoning to the world around us and hopefully make it better place because we did. And most important of all, if we trust God, relax and enjoy the process when we are done compiling our personal recipe books we will leave behind a long, happy legacy of sweet and savory memories!

Until we meet here again, I pray God bless you and keep your loved ones safe.


PS I will be adding new recipes this week and here is one hint; I made Jackie chocolate chip pecan cookies this morning!