An Afternoon Cookie, (or two)!

For many people, baking is thought to be an activity best pursued in the autumn and winter months with the primary objective being to take the chill out of the air and cozy up the atmosphere of the home. After all the spring and summer months offer up far to many opportunities to enjoy and embrace the warmth, beauty and fun that being outdoors affords leaving most to wonder why anyone would want to stand in front of a hot oven and bake. And then there are those who like are like me who enjoy baking all year long. It matters little what season the calendar points to or what the weather is or is not doing outside of my window. Baking is a part of me and what I enjoy doing.

I fell in love with baking when I was a child, probably about nine or ten. Since I tended to be on the heavy side I frequently found myself being placed on a special diet". These diets were typically pretty extreme and came with a very long list of "bad foods" and a very short list of "good foods". Since no one else in the family had need of the same "special diet" I required, I always ate something very different from everyone else. It did not escape my attention that what the rest of the family was eating looked much more appetizing than what I had on my plate. And then there were sweets, the column in which all my personal favorite things to eat lived. I suppose I need not tell you that nothing in that category made the cut on the "good" list with the exception of an occasional scoop of sherbet or slice of angel cake.

Then one afternoon while watching my sisters indulge in their afternoon cookies it dawned on me that while I couldn't eat the things I wanted to, perhaps I could cook them and that in itself would make me feel better. After all, my Mom didn't really cook much and she never baked but we did watch the Galloping Gourmet on a regular basis and he looked very happy all the time. So I remember asking Mom if I could try baking some chocolate chip cookies. As I recall she put up no resistance nor did I have to plead with her she just simply said yes.

Now I would like to tell you that first batch came out absolutely delicious and they were the stuff that Mrs. Fields dreams were made of, but it would be more in keeping with the truth if I told you they turned out like cute little rocks with chocolate chips in them. But what's important is not what that first batch tasted like, but rather that I fell in love with baking and it filled the void that food left . Thru the years I have tested many, many recipes and while few have stood the test of time one thing has remained a constant, the happiness and satisfaction I derive from cooking for those I love. And that's a good thing because my better half LOVES nothing more than a good cookie. So today I am sharing with you my recipe for his favorite Peanut Butter cookie. You can check it out on the Baked Goods page of this blog and as always if you try the recipe I would love to hear what you think.

Until we meet here again, I pray God bless you and keep your loved ones safe.