The Love Of A Friend

Ahhh, the love and loyalty of a true friend. Is there anything in this world that can compare.

Someone who will travel the roads of life with you. Not just the smooth blacktop roads that afford comfortable, easy travel, but the ones paved with gravel and filled with potholes.

Someone whom you can share your secrets with knowing that will be kept safe, locked within their heart.

Someone who laughs at your jokes, because they understand your off beat sense of humor.

Someone who understands you and gives you the benefit of doubt always even when the way you react to something makes no logical sense at all.

Someone who looks at you and only sees all that is right with you and makes you special and is blind to all your faults and overlooks your shortcomings. Who thinks your perfect as you are and would have you no other way.

Someone who drops everything going on in their life at a moments notice just because they know you need them.

Someone to always hold your hand and never will let go.

Ahhh, the love and loyalty of a true friend is indeed a valuable treasure. And as are all genuine treasures they are extremely rare and hard to find. So my friends if you have such a friend, hold them very close to your heart and thank God for them every day of your life.

Until we meet here again, I pray God bless you and keep your loved ones safe.