Rag Wreath and Rag Balls

Rag Balls

Styrofoam balls in the size or sizes of your choice

Strips of fabric, (preferably fabric that will tear easily and fray a bit), torn in approximately 8 inch peices

Hot glue gun or Elmer's glue

Directions: Put a small amount of glue on the ball where you are going to start wrapping. Secure the first piece of fabric and start wrapping around the ball securing each piece before starting another. Continue until entire surface is covered. May spritz with scented oil of your choice if desired.

Rag Wreath

Wire coat hanger

Strips of fabric cut into 4-6 inch pieces

Directions: Cut top off of coat hanger and form into a circle or for something different a square. Alternating your fabric patterns, tie pieces of material onto wire and continue until the entire wire is covered. You want to push them together tightly for a full look. You can use your imagination to embellish them in any way you like. The possibilities are endless!