Angels Unawares

No matter what I have gone thru in life one thing I have always believed is that God gives us what we need exactly when we need it. I personally can recount time after time when God has done just that for me. Sent something or someone to me very unexpectedly and seemingly out of nowhere just when my heart and soul needed it most. Just this past spring God sent to me in a time of great spiritual need a man who I am convinced was just such an angel unaware.

For me the early months of 2018 proved to be some of the saddest and most challenging I had ever been thru. I had not questioned nor lost my faith in God but I was tired and broken and left wondering if the situation would ever get better. On the first warm, humid day in May the brand new kitchen windows Jackie had replaced the previous fall had fogged up so badly on the inside that we could not see outside. Thinking that something was wrong with the windows, Jackie called the store where we bought them and was told the sales rep from the manufacturer would need to come look at the windows.

One week later Mike arrived at our house to assess our window situation. When he first arrived he was pleasant but very professional and thorough. He took his time explaining to Jackie how the windows were constructed and made to perform and said what the windows were doing was quite to be expected as they just needed to acclimate to the environment. As he was getting ready to leave he noticed out two bookshelves that contain our Bibles and Christian books. That's when he told us he was a preacher.

I asked him if he had a few minutes to sit down and visit and he obliged. It took only a few minutes for Jackie and I to see that Mike loved God and talking about Him as much as we did. His eyes lit up and sparkled as the subject switched from windows to God. He told us all about his church and how God used him in his daily travels to witness for Him. Then I mentioned my blog and explained what it is I write about. When he said he would like to look at it, I gave him the site and almost apologetically I told him I had not written much this year because I couldn't think of anything to write about. He asked why and I gave him a very abbreviated version of what had transpired in my life over the last several months.

Almost as if he knew everything that had gone on in our lives, all that had left my heart broken and in despair, he proceeded to speak directly to my soul. The words he spoke were kind and encouraging and helped me remember that God always has a plan for my good and I always have a very formidable adversary who wants nothing more than to see me fail and give up my fight. Before he left he said he did not think it any mere accident that he was brought to our home. We all knew God wanted him to give comfort to my soul and remind me to keep on fighting and not give up.

As he left Jackie and I knew we made a new friend. We exchanged phone numbers and made plans to friend each other on Facebook. And we have. I believe whole heartedly we entertained an angel that day disguised as a window sales rep. Oh and Mike said one more thing before he left that day. He said he would just about bet those windows never fogged up again. And you know what? They never have.

Until we meet here again, I pray God bless you and keep your loved ones safe.