My Marie

As chatty as I am, many times when we find ourselves driving somewhere I sit quietly. Jackie almost always drives. He says he feels safer in the driver's seat, a point which I of course would argue but that is another blog for another time. Such was the case today while we were driving home from Walmart. Jackie was driving and I was sitting quietly looking out the window just taking in the beauty God's artwork and enjoying the sunshine. I was lost deep in my thoughts when suddenly I heard an old familiar song start to play on the radio. Instantly my mind was filled with sweet memories as I recalled my time spent with a long lost dear friend.

Marie Laveaux Deux was one of my very first brood mares. Marie was a well seasoned mother by the time she found her way to me, however her beauty, grace and spirit defied her advanced years. Marie and I bonded quickly and she taught me more about listening to a horse than any other. When the second foal that she gave me was born gravely ill and nearly died, it was her and not the vet that told me her baby was in trouble and needed help.

Marie loved to be groomed and she would stand for hours while she was brushed and her mane platted. The barn where Marie was kept was separated from the pasture where she spent her days so every morning I would walk her out to pasture and every evening I would walk her back into her stall. It was during this period of time the song My Marie by Brooks and Dunn was a big hit and I started to sing it to Marie on these daily walks. Now funny as you may think this sounds, Marie not only knew I was singing to her she loved it. If I ever forgot she would nudge me with her muzzle until I started to serenade her. For a brief moment in time I was back with my sweet friend. I could see, feel, hear and touch her and I was once again walking her out to pasture and singing to her and it made me happy.

It never ceases to amaze me how something as common a smell, a taste, a sight or a sweet song can instantly transport you to another time and place. Recall a memory with such vivid details that you actually feel as though you are living once again in the moment. I have actually given much thought on the subject of memories both good and bad and I have come to the conclusion that they are all gifts from God. There are lessons which, if we are smart, can learn from both. The good ones will give us warmth and happiness and remind us of the things which we should want to repeat in life and the not so pleasant should remind us of paths and mistakes we need not tread again. As for me today, well about half way thru the song I realized my eyes were filled with tears and I remembered some of the best parts of me that I needed to find again.

Until we meet here again, I pray God bless you and keep your loved ones safe.


PS: The picture above is Marie and her first foal Dancing Leveaux who I called Star