Our Own Gifts

I have a very good friend who is one of those people who just does everything well. It has always been her nature to just need to excel and conquer everything she puts her mind and her hands to. Thru all the years I have known her there has been no challenge she endeavored to undertake which she hadn't been able to master, well that is until she met yeast.

I have always loved to bake and have done so for as far back as I can remember. My very first oven was my green Easy Bake oven way back in the 60's. And while I didn't start baking yeast breads and rolls until much later, it was a skill I mastered with very little difficulty. Now while this friend of mine is by all accounts an excellent cook for whatever reason she never tried her hand at recipes requiring yeast. But all that changed when several years ago she tried some butterhorn rolls I made from a recipe handed down from my Grandma. She loved the rolls and when asked I was happy to share the recipe with her.

The next day she called and told me she was getting ready to make her first batch of rolls and she would let me know how they turned out. I of course being ever the optimist anticipated a call later that day telling me how delicious the rolls were. Oh I got a call later that day alright but it was not the call I anticipated. It seemed as though the rolls did not turn out to suit her. Not knowing what possibly could have gone wrong, I went thru the entire recipe and process with her all over again. This conversation would be repeated several times that day and I lost count of just how many batches of rolls she made.

Over the years she has talked often about those rolls and while she has never come right out and said it, I know she thinks there is some step in the process or ingredient I have omitted which has intentionally kept her from getting the same results. Nothing could be further from the truth. What is the truth is that we all have talents God has given to us and they just seem flourish with very little effort. Yes it is true that there are skills we can learn with diligent study and practice but they are never as pure and beautiful as those that just come from the heart.

When I would agree to take on a child as a riding student I would make it abundantly clear to the parents that I could teach the child the mechanics of caring for a horse and riding, but I could not teach the child how to be a horseman. That was something that came from the heart and had to be felt. God gives each and everyone of us special gifts and talents to be used to bless others in ways no one else can. If we were honest, haven't we all been guilty at one time or another of the same thing? I think that rather than pine for the talents we don't have we should spend our time rejoicing in the ones we do have. The ones God meant for us to have.

Until we meet here again, I pray God bless you and keep your loved ones safe.