Cardinal In The Snow

While snow this early in November here in Kentucky is not unheard of, it certainly is not common. And while I have never been a big fan of snow myself, I must admit yesterday when the big, fluffy, beautiful white flakes began to fall yesterday the sight brought to mind scenes reminiscent of a Courrier and Ives postcard. After the snow had softly fallen all night the view out our windows this morning was even prettier than it had been just a few short hours before.

Thus far the month of November has proven to be gloomy and rainy with the sun making very few appearances. The show normally put on by the brilliant colors of the changing leaves was in large part skipped this year due to the unusual weather conditions taking us from summer greens to murky winter browns. I am a great believer that the weather does in fact effect our moods and to be honest in this season of going thru the last few "firsts" in my life without my Mom and dealing with some ongoing medical issues I have, November's weather has very much reflected my personal struggles.

This morning I stood at the big windows in our living room drinking a cup of coffee, taking in the beauty and talking to God. Wondering where this season of life would take me and how it would work out it the end. And then while deep in thought I saw a spot of bright, brilliant red and against the nearly blinding white of the snow. On top of the bird feeder a beautiful lone cardinal landed hoping to find something to eat. The simplistic beauty of that moment was breathtaking and once again I was reminded there are seasons to life which are ever changing and evolving. God is in control and if I but trust Him and wait for His leading and timing everything will work out as it should.

Until we meet here again, I pray God bless you and keep your loved ones safe.