The Gift Of Comfort

The other night I was reading the book The Duck Commander Family written by Willie Robertson and his wife Corrie. In the chapter I was reading this particular night Corrie described in detail the wonderful loving, encouraging family she grew in up. After I finished the chapter I marked my place and closed the book. I laid my head back on my chair and I closed my eyes and reflected on my own childhood and how vastly it differed from the one I had just read about.

As I thought about my childhood and how devoid of all things good children deserve it was, I couldn't help but wonder just how differently my life could have been if I was raised in a home like I had just read about. That night before we went to sleep I shared my thoughts with Jackie. I told him I wondered how God decides what kind of family each child gets. Why do some children get such wonderful starts in life and others seem doomed and devoid of hope from the beginning.

Jackie didn't say anything for some time and as he did I could hear him thinking. Finally he spoke up and said while he didn't have an answer for how God chooses which families get which babies, he figures it has something to do with the road we must travel to be the person He wants us to be. To have the skills to accomplish what He wishes us to accomplish in life.

As I laid there and waited for sleep to find me, I thought about Jackie's beautifully simple yet profound insight. Then I thought about 2 Corinthians 1:3-4. Then I thought about all the comfort God has given me throughout my life and all the things He safely carried me thru and I was reminded why He laid writing this blog on my heart in the first place. To bring comfort and hope to those who need it and to bring glory to God by showing others what He has done for me.

This last year I lost my way for a while. I took my eyes off God's will and direction for my life and let people take my attention and focus. But no more. This is my life, the one God gave me. This is my story to tell and tell it I will. I have missed you friends.

Until we meet here again, I pray God bless you and keep your loved ones safe.