A Time Of Learning

Without question 2018 was the hardest year I faced thus far in my life. It was a year of loss, hurt and tears. However perhaps the most difficult of it all was facing the things God showed me about myself. Things that I allowed to dominate myself and my life for far too long. Fears, doubts and beliefs which kept me in bondage and prevented me from both seeking and living a life of happiness. Things that were at long last time for me to shed so I would stop seeking the approval of man and start seeking the approval of God.

In the above Scripture the word test refers to refining metal and pottery to get rid of the impurities that lie beneath the surface and which cannot be seen with the naked eye. By the same token this same process also will bring out the purity and true beauty of these same elements. Beauty which can and will only be brought out by the heat required for the extreme "testing".

I only recently have come to the point where I can reflect on last year and feel genuine gratitude to God for all the things He showed me about my life and what I needed to change about myself. I think that is true about all the times of testing we go thru in this life. It hurts terribly when we are going thru it and we may even question why, but once thru we see with great clarity the hidden beauty where we land.

Until we meet here again, I pray God bless you and keep your loved ones safe.